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Lagoa Ecogres Rectangular Tray 19cm (Set of 6)


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Product Description

Made in Portugal. Comes in a set of 6 pieces.

Dimensions (cm) : Length  18.5 x Width 11.7 x Height 2.2 cm

Color : Translucent White / Black

Type : Sharing / Serving Tray

Material : Recycled Fine Glazed Stoneware 

Cristal Collection

The Costa Nova Lagoa Ecogres Dinnerware Collection is made of Eco Gres®, a proprietary clay, composed of recycled materials and completely sustainable. Lagoa Eco Gres features contrasting glazes, matte and dark grey on the exterior and translucent white and black on the interior. The textured exterior adds a warm touch to this contemporary collection. Perfectly imperfect in shape and naturally tactile, Lagoa Eco Gres balances handcrafted artisanal elements with modern finishes.

Care Instructions

These stoneware dinnerware have a glazed surface that is extremely heat resistant to thermal shock and is chip resistant. Most Costa Nova items can be washed daily in the dishwasher. (Consider hand washing for oversized items to avoid contact with other items in the dishwasher.) 

All Costa Nova stoneware is oven, microwave, and freezer safe, withstanding temperature variations from -20 degrees Celsius and 250 degrees. 

It is food safe and have been tested to confirm that they contain no lead or cadmium. 

About The Brand

Costa Nova is a small fishing village in Portugal with colorful wooden beach homes that became a famous vacation spot because it captured the essence of the Mediterranean spirit. The Costa Nova dinnerware company is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle celebrating life, friends, family and food and brings this spirit into their fine stoneware collections.



Vendor :Costa Nova

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