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Zirpybox Limited Edition

Wild Flowers (Set of 2)

Product Description

Your beautiful meadow to relax

This design front makes you want to see a waving wild meadow over which you can stroll and enjoy the sun. This idyllic meadow motif simply exudes a desire for that summer feeling wherever you want it. The perfect stage for the relaxed chirping of the cricket and grasshopper. 
The Zirpybox: Enjoy the sun in stereo

The sounds of the Zirpybox provide a relaxed summer feeling. You listen to their chirping and feel the sun's rays and the shimmering air. In this way you immerse yourself completely in a soothing calm. You can experience the relaxed atmosphere of an ideal summer day as often as you like. Choose between 3 or 30 minutes of sound length.
More for you: Two boxes, two sounds

The Zirpybox comes as a set of 2. A cricket chirps in one box, a grasshopper in the other. The Duo sound system offers a particularly natural surround sound. Use the boxes in a set or individually. Look forward to room-spanning soundscapes and enjoy summer in the bathroom, hallway, living room, office or on the balcony. The sounds are triggered by a motion detector.

Sounds: 3 min or 30 minutes Cricket/Grasshopper Chirping

Activation: via motion sensor

Technology: Motion detector 

Rechargeable battery

Materials: Front: Plastic, Body: Plastic

Dimensions: LWH : 7 x 7.7x 4 cm

Weight: 253 g

Ideal for: Bathroom, hallway, kitchen, office & more


SKU :RX-11ZPB0301001

Vendor :Relaxound

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