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Van Halst Dentelles Speaker

White (With Light)BlackGreyEucalytusTerra

Product Description

After the great success of the Dentelles lamps, Atelier Pierre now also has the Dentelles speaker in its range. Dentelles Loudspeaker is developed from an intense desire to be together again with friends and family. More than ever we realise how valuable this is. A stylish getting together, can also be organised in an affordable way.
You can start to create the perfect atmosphere with the warm light of Dentelles.

The stylish Dentelles speaker is wireless and USB rechargeable. Available in black, light grey, eucalyptus and terra. White includes built-in lighting.

Dentelles stands out in any interior and is very versatile. Indeed, this speaker can be used both indoors and outdoors , with or without a ring. The ring is easy to click on or off. Turn the ring to the left to loosen and to the right to tighten. 

How to use

  • To connect the speaker, press the ON/OFF button on the bottom of the speaker. A short sound signal will sound and the indicator light will flash blue.
  • Now switch on the 'wireless' function on your smartphone/tablet and select "Atelier Pierre" in your device list. Once your device is connected, you will hear a second sound signal from the speaker.
  • You can now play your favorite music with your device.
  • To disconnect from your smartphone, disable the 'wireless' function on your device. You can switch off the speaker by long pressing the ON/OFF button

Dimensions (cm) : Diameter 13.5 x Height 10 


  • USB C charging cable included
  • 5W Wireless Speaker
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Battery life : 24h
  • Maximum charging time : 5h
  • Material : 100% Recyclable polyethylene / Metal
  • Weight : 0.66kg

Care Instruction

Clean carefully with a dampened soft cloth, adding a little soap only if necessary. Do not use any cleaning materials containing harsh chemicals.

How To Charge:

Fully charge the battery before first use.

  • Connect the speaker with the supplied USB cable and plug it into the wall socket.
  • If the indicator light is red, the speaker is charging.
  • The speaker can continue to play while it charges.
  • When the indicator light is green, the speaker is fully charged.




Vendor :Van Halst

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