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Silk-ka Artificial Blossom Flower

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Product Description

The artificial flowers & plants made in the Netherlands that look and feel so lifelike. These ornament allows you to create endless opportunities for countless seasonal flower arrangements like Christmas, Halloween and more.

Blossom naturally represents spring, new beginnings and growing. The cherry blossom has extra meaning in Japan. Here this blossom species, sakura, stands for life and that we cannot control it. The weather conditions literally determine the duration of the flowering period for the blossom and figuratively for a human life. One type of flower will shine shorter than the other and it is very important to enjoy the flowering period to the fullest. Meaning: Happiness, beauty

Silk-Ka Artificial Flowers & Plants
A story about passion & craftsmanship and how come that our artificial silk flowers & plants are so lifelike that only the absence of fragrance gives them away.

Every day we are inspired by various matters, materials, flowers and colours. The close cooperation and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers enables us to create and build beautiful and natural collections. Not only do we study the different shades of colours, but we also care about the feel of the material used. That's why our branches look and feel so lifelike. We don't miss any detail.


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