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Padova Dining Square Table


Product Description

The Padova dining table with one star leg that matches harmoniously square in the corner of dining room. This dining table has an organic shape that reflects the beauty of solid wood. 

Padova is very practical and functional because it is resistant to dings and dents. Best for everyday use 
especially for families with young children. Produced in modern black wood top with star leg metal base on the center of the table. They will never go out of shape, durable, and last for long periods of time. 

Brand : PR-Living

Model : Dining Table

Material : Solid Oak / Powder Coated Metal

Colour : Natural Fjord Oak / Black Metal

Dimensions (cm) : Length 240 x Width 100 x Height 77

Solid Wood Furniture
Solid wood is a natural product, it is not a uniform or homogeneous material. Each tree, each piece of solid wood has its own unique growth. Therefore, pieces of furniture made of solid wood have special features and are unique, industrial products.

The characteristics of these materials are: colour and texture varieties, adhesions, irregularities, dents (of branches), resin pockets, hair and diagonal lines, as well as tension (twirls) which are unique for each and every type of wood and growth region. These are authenticity marks which give the wood its natural beauty & in turn makes each piece of furniture a unique item. Wood always “works”, tensions in wood can cause warp and pulling of the wood cannot be excluded.

Unique Wood Detailing
The life of a tree is characterized in its own unique way of growth and is reflected in its design, texture and colour. No tree is the same, like no human being has the same finger print. These nature and growth properties turn each piece of furniture made from genuine wood into a unique piece of furniture with a similar but yet different look.

Care Instructions
Stains need to be cleaned right away. It is of utmost importance that spilled fluids (for example juice) are immediately absorbed with kitchen paper or a piece of cloth. No rubbing! Because the fluid will penetrate into the surface. 

In order to enjoy your piece of furniture as long as possible it is important to maintain it on a regular basis. It only takes a minor effort, regular dusting with a soft piece of cloth or with a damp shammy leather in the direction of the grains is more than sufficient.

*Not recommended for sand graining


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