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Fatboy Sumo Corner Seat


Product Description

The modular, circular Sumo Sofa series is firm and strong, tough and stylish. Overly generous too, immediately making its design iconic. Its metal frame makes it very robust and its recycled-foam cushions will keep their shape for many years. Stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth, or you can just machine-wash these tough covers. This modular lounge sofa will transform your living room into your favorite hangout. A corner sofa, loveseat, or a sofa of record-breaking length? Assemble your ultimate Sumo Sofa and master the art of hanging out.

Materials : 

  • Cover: 82% Polyester / 18% Acrylic.
    Inner bag backrest: Non-woven polyester.
    Inner bag seating: Non-woven polyester with Dacron lining.
  • Filling Backrest: Chopped foam.
    Filling Seating: SG32 Hybrid polyether / EPP element.
  • FibreGuard provides strong stain resistance for a wide variety of common household stains. The FibreGuard process coats the yarn in the finishing process resulting in an inherent strength and longevity to the stain resistance that will last for the life of the

Dimensions :

  • Size product (length x width x height): 108 x 108 x 90 cm.
  • Seat height: 44 cm.
  • Seat width: 65 cm.
  • Seat depth: 65 cm.
  • Backrest height: 46 cm.
  • Armrest height: 46 cm.
  • Weight: 32,3 kg.
  • Packaging Seating: 102 x 102 x 41 cm.
  • Packaging Backrest: 60 x 50 x 100 cm.
  • Product + packaging: 39,4 kg.

Care Instruction
Modulair system consisting out of modules to create your own composition. Seat, Corner Seat, Hocker, additional armrest and pillows. Also available in pre-designed sets. Do not poke with sharp objects, this might cause the fabric to tear, exposing the filling.

Cleaning instructions
Use a wet cloth to gently cleanse the area by patting it.
For heavily soiled areas lighty scrub the area with a sponge soaked in mild detergent and rinse with cold water.

Wash information
Covers can be removed and are machine washable.

  • Machine wash cold (30°).
  • Cycle delicate.
  • Dry clean possible.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble.
  • Drip dry in shade.
  • Iron on the lowest heath.

The Sumo Sofa series has been thought-through in every detail - with the highest quality every step of the way. Thanks to its metal frame, it’s very robust and its recycled-foam cushions will keep their shape for many years. And should you ever want to break up, the whole sofa can be disassembled, with every part being recyclable.



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