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Baobab My First Scented Candle Gift Box

AurumGentlemenManhattanTomorrowlandWomenParisSaint Tropez

Product Description

Looking for luxury gifts? What could be more luxurious than the scented gifts in this set: a perfumed candle for her and a home diffuser, presented in glass holders. Select your choice of scent.

Each Gift Box Set consists of a 250ml Diffuser and a 190g scented candle.

Height Estimated burning Wicks Weight
190gr 8 cm 30 hours 1 wick 0.19 kg


1. Aurum | Jasmine - Mush - Galbanum
The Aurum fragrance features one of the legendary perfumes in the Baobab Collection made up of a blend of jasmine and musk notes.

2. Gentlemen | Rum - Saffron - Labranum
Its perfume of rum, saffron and labdanum is a truly masculine scent and totally irresistible.

3. Manhattan | Cypress - Lavender - Papyrus
Its fragrance of cypress, lavender and papyrus will transport you to the corner of Madison Avenue and 82nd Street, or will even recall the scent of Central Park in the spring.

4. Tomorrowland | Pear - Lily Of The Valley - Moss
A fragrance with notes of lily of the valley and moss will transport you to the phantasmagorical world of Tomorrowland in reference to the legendary tale of the elixir of life. Its design, a silk-screened print in shades of green, is inspired by the art nouveau movement as a tribute to nature, where plants and animals come together in perfect harmony. It will enchant your interiors as an immersive experience, with olfactory, auditory and aesthetic features as irresistible as ever.

5. Women | Musk - Rose - Magnolia
Its perfume of rose powder and musk is thoroughly feminine.

6. Paris | Wisteria - Mimosa - Linden
This fragrance is a blend of wisteria and mimosa and will carry you off to the romance of the city.

How To Use
Always let the candle burn until its surface is totally liquid. This step can be long, especially during the very first burn. Once the wax is totally liquid, you can let the candle burn for a maximum of one hour. The layer of liquid wax should never exceed one centimeter in height. Never exceed the maximum burning time indicated on the instruction label, nor let it burn to the end. Systematically keep a centimeter of wax at the bottom.

Baobab Collection
Handcrafted in our workshops in Europe, Baobab Collection scented candles are high-quality pieces stemming from the unique expertise of our craftsmen. Each fragrance that makes up our candles is an exclusive creation crafted with care, inviting you on an olfactory and sensory journey. Our scented candles transform into genuine decorative objects in your interior, creating a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.



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