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Scented Lava Candle

Fleur De LotusMystique

Product Description

Scented Candle in Lava Finish with White Spots and Amber Brown design.

Scent - Fleur de Lotus
A Light, Fresh and Floral Summer Scent with notes of Bergamot, Lotus Flower, Lily of the Valley and Musk.

Scent - Mystique
A Light, Fresh and Mystic Summer Scent with mellow notes of Nutmeg, Bergamot and Warming Cedarwood.

Dimensions (cm): Diameter 11.5 x Height 11

Material : Glass / Paraffin


Our candles combine pure craft with contemporary designs. We position every wick by hand in our studio and the colours and scents are manually mixed. One by one the candles are subsequently moulded, plus the finishing and packaging is also completed by human hands.

All production runs are completed in small series in line with capacity, to ensure the authenticity of our candles is safeguarded. The coarse ‘frost’ effect gives the candles a unique appearance and instantly also the charm for which they are so highly sought after. 

One by one, they are moulded with top quality ingredients and high-quality cotton wicks. 


Each and every candle is unique and moulded in one of the 75 colours to order.
We have been doing so for 15 years with both passion and extensive professional knowledge, substantiated by scientific know-how. This is also why we have been awarded the official “Handmade in Belgium” quality label.


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