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Pookie Rocker Children Chair

SnowDusty Green

Product Description

The Pookie Rocker Children Chair is specially made for House of AnLi. Let your children have fun by rocking on a comfortable Llyod Loom chair. Make your children comfortable in the rocking chair and sink into the deep comfortable Lloyd Loom back.

Made with Lloyd loom on a wooden frame with a wood base.

Brand : Vincent Sheppard

Model : Children Chair

Material : Lloyd Loom / Wood

Colour :

- Snow
- Dusty Green

Dimensions (cm) : Length 41 x Height 55 x Width 69

Care Instruction
Rattan is easy to maintain. Clean it every now and then with a moist towel and natural soap, and you'll be able to enjoy it for many years.

Paper and steel : That's all it is !

Lloyd Loom weave is made from twisted Kraft paper on the one hand, and Kraft paper spun around a steel wire on the other hand. With just the twisted paper as the warp and the steel and paper combination as the weft, Lloyd Loom is produced on rolls in just the same way as textiles. The Loom sheets are submerged in a bath of glue to ensure the firmness and are then cut to the proper size. 

Subsequently, our highly skilled craftsmen shape and staple the loom sheets to the rattan or wooden furniture frames by hand, thus producing a smooth and attractive finish that will, unlike normal wicker, not snag clothing or skin.


    SKU :VS-KC002I020

    Vendor :Vincent Sheppard

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