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Merlot Decanter

Product Description

The Merlot decanter becomes an easier choice with this stunning glass carafe! Not only does this glass carafe offer an elegant presentation, but it also brings a whole different experience to your wine's bouquet of tastes. The decanter will surely contribute to a more sophisticated and harmonious dinner table! These stunning mouth-blown glasses feature a delicate yet impossibly beautiful, elegant finish.

Exposing wine to the open air allows it to "breathe", increasing the complexity of the aroma.

    Dishwasher safe. Hand-wash preferably. Best used as a decanter or pitcher.

    Dimensions (cm) : Length 27 x Width 13 x Height 17.5

    Material : Mouthblown Glass / 24% Lead Crystal Recumbent

    Hand blown in Poland.

    Wine Decanter Guide

    • For younger red wines, where there is little or no sediment, splash the wine while decanting, allowing for more aeration.
    • For older red wines (more likely to have sediment) Stand the bottle up for several hours to allow the sediment to settle to the bottom
    • Pour the wine gently and slowly into the decanter in front of a light source.
    • Stop pouring when you observe sediment traveling up the neck of the wine bottle.
    • Let the wine aerate in the decanter 30 minutes to one hour before serving.

    Flamant Signature Pieces

    A warm encounter of the classic shapes and a modern feel defines the Flamant style. Respect for artisan craftsmanship underscores the feeling of authenticity and charm. Flamant pieces are created in natural quality materials in artisan ateliers all over the world.


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