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Fatboy Lamzac The Original red nylon inflatable outdoor seat bag
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Product Description

The Lamzac inflatable air loungers can be filled within a matter of seconds, without needing a foot pump. Sweep it in a horizontal motion to scoop up air. You can take it anywhere, super-strong, water-, dirt- and UV-resistant. Enough relaxation for one day? Just flatten your air bean bag, fold it and stow it in its bag.

Creates a life-size air bean bag at the swish of a bag, yet deflates in a jiffy when its time to move on. A true travel must-have.

Material : High quality Nylon Ripstop.


  • Easy to inflate.
  • Super strong (Lamzac 2.0: 200 kg)
  • Water repellent.
  • Use: Indoor / Outdoor.
  • After usage of the Lamzac, store it indoors and preferably in the little carrying bag.
  • Filling: free air.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • Comes with 1 tent peg (excluding Lamzac O) with which you can anchor the Lamzac in the sand or grass.
  • Durable fabric.
  • High UV colorfastness.
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    • 185 x 83 x 50 cm.
    • 1 kg.
    • Packaging: 37,5 x 19,5 x 7,5 cm.
    • Product + packaging: 1,25 kg.
    User information
    • Just like any garden cushion, store your Lamzac inside when not in use.
    • It is normal for the Lamzac to lose air over time. Air will slightly reduce after standing and seating multiple times, but also when not in use. Just easily scoop extra air according to your comfort level.

    Cleaning instructions

    Gently pat any soiled areas with a moist cloth.


    Lamzac is an inflatable lounger which is ready to use after scooping some air. Therefore we don't need any extra materials as a filling to let you lounge super comfortable. 


    SKU :FB-100903

    Vendor :FatBoy

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